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Travel Story Vienna, Austria

Introduction to Vienna

Explore a cultural capital of Europe in todays Travel story Vienna. Austria is famed for its culture, history and diversity. With some of the most famous artists of recent times calling Vienna home and with the fantastic architecture and landscape it’s no wonder why. Explore the city of music through our article below!


The primary tourist destinations in Vienna are the palaces and theatres in the center of the city and for good reason. The Hofburg is located in the center of Vienna and used to be the imperial winter house while the Schonbrunn Palace was the summer home (which we cover below). Now the president of Vienna resides there, and it is a cultural hotspot surrounded by museums and other activities. Within the Hofburg there is the national theater of Austria, the famous Spanish riding school and the imperial library.

 Schonnbrunn Palace:

Schonbrunn Palace is located a short travel west from the center of Vienna and is definitely worth the visit. Hosting the imperial family in the summer the building and surrounding estate is extremely lavish and unique. It is a 1400 room palace and has a massive footprint on the site. With beautiful tours inside of showing the furniture and indoor architecture if you have spare time, it is definitely worth visiting. Outside of the palace are many other attractions worth your time including, the privy gardens, the maze, the zoo, the beautiful greenhouse, and desert-house. The gardens are beautiful to visit as there are hundreds of roses marked with their name and other beautiful plants and trees. Also, at Schonbrunn are the roman ruins which are fascinating to see in Vienna. Some locals of Vienna talk about how the name “Wien” (referring to the city) arose from the romans drinking wine from this area.

One of the most beautiful features of the estate is the Gloriette perched on top of the hill overwatching the palace and Vienna. It is absolutely worth the walk up to have a lunch or snack within the café in this idyllic setting.

Café Culture:

While in Vienna it is always worth taking some time to sit and relax in one of the many cafes throughout the city. Vienna is known for its café culture where locals will sit for hours and watch the world go by. If you’re feeling a bit hungry try Vienna’s famous chicken schnitzel with most cafés that serve food having it available.

I would recommend walking a few minutes from the very center as around the Hofburg can be quite pricey!

Danube River:

The Danube River (the Donau in German) is the longest river in Europe running from the Black Forest to the Black Sea. It is situated on the outskirts of Vienna and is worth the visit if you’re looking for a swim, to sail or to have a lovely barbecue… and save a few euro from all the eating out! There are free barbecue grills available to use for you and a few friends. It is definitely worth the trip out to see the nature surrounding Vienna, the amazing river itself, get away from all the crowds and maybe cool down from the summer heat with a dip in the river!

Hundertwasser House:

One of the many attractions Vienna has to offer is the Hundertwasserhaus, that can be found a bit further away from the center. If you are already getting of the fancy buildings in the city, a short trip to the Hundertwasserhaus is the best decision for some colorful recalibration. The name of the house comes from the artist of the building named Friedensreich Hundertwasser and has been completed in 1985 with the work costs being over € 7 million. A fascinating fact about the building is that it belongs to the city of Vienna, and there are apartments as part of the building which are rented out to any individuals, exactly like a public housing

The Hundertwasser is truly unique because it forms a mosaic of shapes, colors and pillars.


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