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Green Talk ft. Fair Tourism is out now!

  Fair Tourism at Green Talk   Charlotte and Myrthe from Fair Tourism's team answer questions regarding sustainable tourism in this episode of Green Talk by the UvA Green Office.

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Tribal Tourism Series: Sami Peoples

In this tribal tourism post we will discuss the Sami indigenous peoples. The Sami civilization is present in four different countries: Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia with a population of approximately 80.000. Around half are living in Norway. The main…

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Tribal Tourism Series: Inca tribe

Learn about the Inca Tribe: The Inca empire used to be one of the biggest empires in the entire world with 12 million people, before the Spanish conquistadors captured the Inca emperor in 1532. The empire used to be located…

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Vietnam’s Hill Tribes: The People of Sapa

  The Sapa Tribes: By Nicoletta Baeva For today’s Tribal Tourism series, we are taking you to Vietnam 🇻🇳. With over 50 ethnic groups residing within its territory, Vietnam is a country of great cultural and linguistic diversity. Ethnic minorities…

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Tribal tourism series: Kayapó

The Kayapó tribe – this indigenous group calls the south-eastern Amazon Basin in Brazil their home, and they have been fighting for its protection for generations. Located at the upper Xingu River, the tribal communities live in isolated villages scattered…

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Tribal tourism post: Sierra Nevada Indians

Sierra Nevada Indians: On the slopes of the Sierra Nevada (Colombia) the Arhuaco (Ika), Kogi, Kankuamo and Wiwa tribes live. Their ancestors are from the Tairona civilization. According to these tribes, the Sierra Nevada is the heart of the world.…

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