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Visiting a destination can bring financial benefits to a country. However, how you spend your money is worth a closer thought. Because sometimes the money you spend does not end up in the country, but flows back to the home country of the company you buy from. This phenomenon is also known as economic leakage
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During a family trip to Thailand, the historic city of Sukothai was also visited. By bike we visited the ruins in this ancient city, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It was, as always in the tropics, a hot and humid day. Despite that, there are different dress codes in Thailand than ours, which we also have to abide by.
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During a camping trip to Kenya and Tanzania, photography was an issue throughout the trip. As a tour guide, I noticed from the beginning that everyone took a lot of pictures. Especially during the long trips by truck, there was a lot of photography: the passers-by, the cottages along the road, the markets, cheering schoolchildren, everything was interesting to take pictures of.
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Go local!

Going local is the part of travelling that a lot of people actually enjoy most. If you think back at your own vacations, meeting local people or taking part in local activities, like festivities, are often some of your best memories. To us they are for sure!
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Culture shock

One of the health problems that has a lot to do with overload, is the culture shock. Culture shock is not known in some dictionaries, but it means a state of mental malaise, caused by the tourist simply no longer being able to mentally process the influx of travel impressions.
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Forbidden souvenirs

We spend a lot of money during our holiday. It matters where, to what and how we spend this money. If we go to the local shopkeeper and eat at that local restaurant, our money will go directly to the locals. Buying souvenirs is also good for the local economy, but unfortunately many souvenirs of endangered species and plants are still made.
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