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All-inclusive resort

Relaxing on a beach chair by the pool with a cocktail in hand, which is already included in the price: for many people this is the ultimate relaxing holiday. After weeks of hard work, it is time to enjoy your holiday without too much hassle.
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Arab countries

In total, there are 22 Arab countries that together make up the Arab league which was formed in 1945 to stimulate the sovereignty and independence, as well as the affairs and interests of the member states.
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Visiting shrines when going on a holiday is a nice and unique way to experience the culture of a particular country. If you have visited a shrine before, you will probably already know that there are specific rules and regulations tourists should comply to. These rules and regulations differ per destination and sometimes even per shrine.
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The often smoggy and polluted streets and sidewalks of the city may not immediately conjure images of the term sustainable, however city tourism can in fact be done in a sustainable and responsible manner. When planning on visiting a city, there are several things to be taken into consideration. First and foremost, try to minimise your carbon footprint through your choices of transportation.
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Most people enjoy a day at the beach and some even spend their entire vacation lying in the sun and swimming in the sea. Therefore, it is good to consider how you could possibly do this (more) sustainably, because there are definitely ways!
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Nature Tourism

Nature plays a big role in tourism. Many people long for unspoilt nature on their holidays, away from the noisy city. However, tourism also poses a great danger to the landscape and animals. More and more often, tourist destinations become polluted, mainly due to tourists' lack of consideration.
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