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• Buy your daily items, such as sunscreen, from local shops instead of in the hotel lobby. It’s not only cheaper, it’s supporting the local economy.

• People tend to eat and drink things they know on holiday. Don’t drink Coca-Cola, but treat yourself to fresh fruit juices that are widely available in many tropical countries. These drinks are not only better, you also support the local industry with them. Coca-Cola is flown in, which means that the money flows back to the Western Coca-Cola group.

• Many products in local markets are counterfeit: just think gucci bags, watches and video games. Customs in the Netherlands can give you a hefty fine for importing these counterfeit goods.

• Never give money to beggars: begging is often caused by tourism: because tourists started to give money to the locals, this became the way to make money. Children also often ask for money, pens or sweets. Because tourists give it to them, they no longer go to school, but they hang out on the streets begging. If you want to give money, do so in a collective way, for example with the projects you visit. Think of a donation of money or appliances to a school, orphanage or hospital. A donation to a conservation project or a village you visit can also contribute to conservation and/or poverty reduction.

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