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  • Treat the locals with respect. Who wants to be treated purely as a tourist attraction and beautiful picture?
  • Get to know and respect local customs. Realize that other people have different time concepts and thought patterns. Adapt!
  • Be open to the opinions and way of thinking of the people you meet. You can learn from each other.
  • Take into account the dress code of the country you are visiting. How are the locals dressed? Not in a bikini, bermuda and short tops, right? Adapt in terms of clothing to what is normal in the country you visit and you will see that you feel more comfortable and less harassed by people who want to sell you something.
  • Before taking a photo of someone, always ask permission in advance. If someone doesn’t want to take a picture, respect it! In some countries, people don’t want to be in the picture because they believe their souls will be taken away.
  • Spend your money on local products as much as possible. By eating in local restaurants and buying local products/souvenirs, you have a unique holiday experience, as well as supporting the local economy.
  • Try to make as much contact with the locals as possible. They like talking to you about where you come from, and you can learn how they live. This way you get to know each other’s culture, and you really feel like you’re traveling!
  • Instead of looking for that ‘paradise on earth’, think of it as an enrichment of your life to enter another world and be able to see it.
  • Visit local events and festivities. For example, a temple festival in Thailand, the Carnival parade in Salvador or boat races in Kerala, India. It is always very special to be a spectator at religious or folklore festivities that are held only there. There is often a sense of togetherness, partying together with the locals! You get to know the culture really well. Sawadee Reizen offers special festival tours to countries such as Ethiopia, Peru and Ladakh (India). If you’re going out on your own, keep an eye on when the festivals are taking place and book your journey around it. You don’t want to miss the festival experience!
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