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In nature 

When you are travelling in natural areas, please take into consideration the following aspects: 

  • Always try to visit vulnerable nature reserves with a local guide. This guide can tell you all about the special flora and fauna that the area has and about the do’s and don’t’s in the nature reserve
  • Never leave the paths: so you don’t trample the vulnerable nature and don’t disturb the animals
  • Beware of fire in nature reserves (campfires are often forbidden)
  • Wild camping is not always allowed: check this in advance!
  • Also go to a less well-known nature park. There are no hordes of tourists, you can enjoy nature undisturbed and you relieve the busy tourist routes.
  • Don’t just buy souvenirs. There are a number of souvenirs forbidden to enter, such as shells and coral, hides, stuffed animals, etc. These souvenirs are forbidden and you can receive a hefty fine at customs.
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