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Pokut- Turkey

Travel Story Pokut Yaylası

In todays travel story we are taking you to Pokut Yaylası, Turkey, where the sky and the ground meet, where you can touch the clouds; they are perhaps the best places where you can enjoy

nature. Yayla is the Turkish word for plateaus, alpine pastures, and highlands.

The hilly lands of the Black Sea Region are ideally suited for growing all sorts of wildlife, and in the hot summer months, they make the perfect getaway! But in Turkey, they’re so much more than just that; yaylas are a way of life.  

Houses in Pukot Turkey

Pokut is prominent among Black Sea highlands with its misty sceneries and unique wooden houses. Pokut Plateau, wrapped with pine forests, stands out with its rich biodiversity and remarkable architecture. You can take a trekking tour to Sal Plateau 3 to 4 km away.


If you are confident, you can walk to Hazindak Plateau for a 15 km walk. It would be best if you visited Fırtına Valley, where you can enjoy the zipline and rafting. The hills have cool breezes, a local way of life all their own, local foods, and local customs, and represent one of the great ways to discover the beauty of Turkey. 

The hike that takes you up to the 2,032-meters-high Pokut is stunning, and the yayla itself features some beautiful homes, some of which are up to 250-years-old. Spruce trees line the yayla and are at an altitude you’ll rarely find elsewhere. You can enjoy sceneries wrapped in misty clouds earlier in the morning. The yayla is located about two hours from the nearest town center of Çamlıhemşin in the province of Rize.   



Local Experience

The best part of Pokut plateau is that there is a chance to stay at the local house @Plato Da Mola where you can experience the local food where all ingredients are directly coming from the locally fed animals and homegrown plants. All local foods are 100 % natural, and everything is purely handmade by locals. This is a unique experience that must be felt. 

Also, you can buy local products from @moradukkan, such as handmade bags, socks, and homemade jam.  

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations,” and Pokut honestly reminds me of this. 

Everything is better in the mountains compared to the crowded city life, and Pokut, Turkey, is calling you!





 “Nobody can bring you peace but yourself!” (R.W.Emerson). 


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