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The Kazakh people

You may have never heard of some tribes because they are living in far-off, remote corners of the world with little to no contact to the outside world. The Kazakhs of Mongolia, who were originally from a part of Kazakhstan that now belongs to Mongolia, count as one of them.


The breathtaking visuals from photographer @massimorumi display a sense of trust between the animals and the Kazakh people, which is connected to the nomadic origin of the tribe, bringing along their livestock, horses, sheep, goats and yaks. Normally, while travelling through the harsh weather conditions, they stay in interim shelters known as “Gers”. Those can also be used as accommodations for tourists.

The challenges that travelling with animals entails, and the cold and dry climate required the tenacious Kazakhs to adapt: They usually train eagles to hunt for prey, like foxes or other small animals, because their eyes are 10 times sharper than human eyes. Every October up to 70 eagle hunters and a host of tourists gather to celebrate Kazakh customs in the shadow of the Altai Mountains.


As you can imagine, these tribes are currently very much isolated and distant to be affected by the conditionings of our urban civilisations. Isn’t it fascinating to see the authentic practices and cultural traditions have remained intact because of the strong inheritance of traditional knowledge?

To make yourself more accustomed with the livelihood of the captivating charm of the Kazakhs, please find the information in these links below.





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