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“Bonairians like to speak to the visitors. About caring for nature, for example. “We are borrowing this island from our children” is a winged expression. Anyone who starts a conversation with the friendly islanders will hear this at some point. Bonairians are proud of their island. They enjoy it every day. And they want the same for their children. That’s why the people of Bonaire are very aware of the natural treasures and cherish them” Source: Wereldpagina

Bonaire is one of those countries that is very economical with its coral. Most tourists who visit Bonaire also come especially for diving, so if the corals were to be lost, it would be a big downturn in tourism revenue. Bonaire takes all kinds of measures to protect the coral reefs. For example, the marine life around Bonaire is a protected area, where divers pay $10 each to dive. This money is put into a fund, which benefits the protection of coral reefs. For example, information is given to all kinds of parties, such as the local residents, dive shop employees and tourists. In addition, there is a research centre and pieces of the coral reef that have been damaged are closed to boats and divers until the coral has been able to recover. It is forbidden in Bonaire to throw out the anchor. To compensate, rubber buoys have been placed in the water, so that boats do not have to disturb the coral reefs. For more information on the sustainable measures bonaire is taking, check out the following website: Bonaire National Parks Foundation

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