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3. February 2014

The travel industry brings undesirable developments with itself. In many countries of the global south, it is a struggle for survival every day. Often there is no work, so there is also almost no income to be able to buy food. More and more young children are being sold to brothels by their families in the big city. Children have little to say about this and all their earnings go to their pimp. Child sex tourism is common in Asia (including Thailand, Philippines), South America, the Caribbean Islands and Africa.

There are sex tourists who go to the destination specifically to have sex with minors. But the largest group of sex tourists is just vacationing at the destination, and comes into contact with the children, for example when going out. Often these tourists do not know that these girls/boys are minors.

The international organisation ECPAT is committed to combat the commercial exploitation of children. This organisation is trying to make the travel industry, the government and tourists aware of this problem, so that measures can be taken to combat child sex tourism. The travel industry has an important role to play in the fight against child sex tourism. The international hotel chain Accor supports ECPAT in protecting children from sexual exploitation through policies and information to customers.

Click here for the ECPAT website. Plan Nederland is also campaigning against child sex tourism.

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