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Travel2Connect – Internship or volunteer work in The Gambia

Kara-Tunga Arts & Tours – Community tourism in Uganda

Better Places – Online platform that connects travellers to local travel professionals

Ghana Verkeersbureau – Information on community-based tourism in Ghana via website, travel guide and movie

World of Wildlife – Worldwide support to local wildlife projects

JoHo – (Inter)national organisation on international cooperation, volunteer work and travel

Europees Centrum voor Eco en Agro Toerisme (ECEAT) – Green accommodations in Europa

ECEAT Projects – sustainable tourism projects

Travel Oké – sustainable tourism consultancy

Paseo – Solidaridad farmers tourism programme

WNF-Reizen – Trips to natural areas

IUCN NL en toerisme – biodiversity and tourism

Informatie Verre Reizen – Publishing House of travel guides (te gast in)

Verre reizen met kinderen – responsible travel with kids

NCIV – Dutch Centre for Indigenous peoples

Trees for all – Carbon neutral travel

GreenSeat – Carbon neutral flying

Afrika Studie Centrum – Scientific research centre on Africa, also on tourism

African Parks Foundation – Assists the management of unknown wildlife areas in Africa

DAARI – Travel to India the Indian way

Lenalua – small-scale tourism to the Brazilian Amazon

Stichting Source Connection – small-scale tourism project in Zambia

Duurzaam Natuurbeheer Noord-Peru – Nature protection in Northern Peru. They also organise an ecotourism trip

Bureau Verantwoord – Coffeetour to Nicaragua

Strawberry Earth – Don’t just buy green – buy awesome

Nukuhiva – Fair Trade retail shop by TV personality & world traveler Floortje Dessing, that also organizes sustaiinable travel

De Betere Wereld – Consumer portal on sustainable living, including a travel and recreation section

United Nations – 2017 International year of sustainable tourism for development

Equality in Tourism – Advocates for equal involvement for women in tourism

Rewilding Europe – Rewilding one million hectares of land by 2022 and exploring new ways for people to earn a fair living from the wild

International Ecotourism Society (TIES) – Uniting conservation, communities and sustainable travel

Tourism Concern – Action for ethical tourism

Pro-Poor Tourism – Tourism as a way to end poverty – Platform for ecotourism

International Institute for Peace through Tourism – Supports tourism projects that promote peace & sustainability

Travel Foundation – Sustainable tourism organisation in the U.K.

Business Enterprises for Sustainable Travel – U.K. knowledge centre on sustainable travel

International Tourism Partnership – Membership organisation for sustainable tourism

Sustainable Travel International – Sustainable tourism organisation in the U.S.

Europese Unie – European destinations of excellence (EDEN)

Europese Commissie – European sustainable tourism programme

World Tourism Organization – STEP (Sustainable Tourism – Eliminating Poverty) programme

UNESCO World Heritage – UNESCO’s sustainable tourism programme

UN Environment – sustainable tourism programme

International Institute for Environment and Development – Policy and research institute for sustainable development, including tourism

International Labour Organization – Hotels, catering and tourism sector

Overseas Development Institute – Pro-poor tourism programme

DestiNet – Sustainable tourism information portal

Matoke Tours – Sustainable private & group tours to Africa

Fair Mundo Travel – Fair travel to Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South-Africa

Lolei Travel – Community tourism tours to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar

Footprint Travel – Go Fair. Go local

Namasté Reizen – Lots of contact with locals through their “Taste local life” tours

All for Nature Travel & Consultancy – Responsible tours to nature & wildlife projects

TUI Nederland – Buy Green, sell green, share green & be green

Baobab & Sawadee – Group tours including visits to local projects

Green Journeys – Experience nature

Natuurlijk Reizen – Small responsible tour operator

Treinreiswinkel – Sustainable train tours

Tsara Travel – Tailor-made Africa tours

Native & Green – Visit the Huaorani Indians in Ecuador

Local Adventures Cambodia – Small Dutch tour operator in Cambodia

Dobrý Den Reizen – Responsible tours to Central and Eastern Europe

Stichting Wólka – Agritourism tours to Poland

Travelife – European sustainable tourism training and certification programme

Discover Corps – Vrijwilligersreizen over de hele wereld – Internet portal for sustainable travel worldwide

Ecotour Directory – Database with ecotourism holidays

Global Discovery – Network of inbound tour operators

Culture Xplorers – US tour operator specialised in contact between tourists and locals

Wayfairer Travel – UK based luxury tailor made holiday operator with a strong ethos on sustainable tourism

Tribes Travel – UK tour operator visiting local projects

Great Himalaya Trails – Treks in Nepal

Class Adventure Travel – Sustainable tours to South America

TrueAfrica – Discover true Africa

Eco-resorts – Eco-friendly safari adventures in East Africa

METS Travel & Tours – Sustainable tours to Suriname

Ecotour Kyrgyzstan – Ecotourism tours to Kyrgyzstan

Framing the other – Documentary on tourism to a Mursi village in Ethiopia

Enchanting Baranja – Introduction to the land of wine, nature & tradition

Sustainable Travel International – Blog on the activities of this consultancy firm

ReturnAfrica – Blog about tourism projects by ReturnAfrica, that are initiated together with the local communities

Tourism Industry Blog – Articles about tourism to New Zealand

SOST Spotlight on Sustainable Tourism – Digital magazine for travel industry stakeholders

ClubGreen kennisbank – Do’s & Don’ts in sustainable tourism

People & the Planet – All kinds of ecotourism topics

Third World Network – Sustainable tourism articles

Arctic Peoples Alert – Sustainable tourism on Greenland

Duurzaam reizen in de praktijk – Studybook for tour leaders on sustainable tourism dilemma’s

Transitions Abroad – Comprehensive guide on responsible tourism

The green gecko project – social enterprises in Cambodia

ResiRest – Enjoy a home cooked dinner with the locals

Backstreet Academy – amazing experiences with locals

Local Alike – Online marketplace for travel experiences in local communities across Southeast Asia

Home Hosted Meals – Eating with the locals

Mekong Responsible Tourism – E-guide to responsible tourism to China, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam en Myanmar

CBT Vietnam – Community-based tourism activities in Sapa, including homestays

CBT-N-CC – Thailand Community Based Tourism Network Coordination Centre

Fair Trek – Connecting locals and visitors in Laos

Village homestay in Battambang – Travel report about this homestay in Cambodia

REDTURS – Network for community tourism in Latin Amerika

Pantanal Tours – Tour operator that also offers a 6-day community tour in Pantanal, a nature reserve in Brazil

ASSET Gambia – Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism

FTTSA – Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa

UCOTA – Uganda Community Tourism Association

Imbizi – Sustainable tours in  Namibië

Ontmoet Afrika – Volunteer work & holiday with the local people in Ghana & Cameroon

Dreamcatcher Foundation – Community tourism in South-Africa

Tikondane Community Centre – Volunteer work & community tourism in Katete, Zambia

Maji Moto Eco Camp – Staying with the Maasai on beautiful location

Ecolodge Biesbosch – Sleeping on the water in Dutch national park de Biesbosch

Daintree Ecolodge & Spa – Luxury treetops huts in the Australian rainforest, nearby Cairns

Green Turtle Lodge – Eco-lodge in Ghana

Concordia ecologe – Ecoresort on the US Virgin Islands

Basecamp Explorer – Sustainable & locally-run resorts in Kenya & Spitsbergen

Charity Hotels – Sleeping for charity

Ethical Escape – Database with sustainable accommodations, divided per country

EcoBusinessLinks – Green transportation, travel, lodging

Eliza was here – Authentic hotels & country houses in Europe – Sustainable holiday options in The Netherlands

World Tourism Directory  – Comprehensive list of tourism stakeholders (database with over 120.000 tourism contacts)

Ecotouristing – Sustainable tourism consultancy for the Balearic & Canary Islands

Wild Dogs Safari – Wildlife expeditions in Namibia

Ecotourism Kenya – Ecotourism organisation in Kenya

Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism – Marketing & promotion of sustainable tourism in the Caribbean

Indecon – Ecotourism network in Indonesia

Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) – Their mission is to ensure the future ecological and cultural prosperity of Nepal and its people by maximising the benefits and reducing the negative impacts associated with tourism

Ecobrasil – Brazilian ecotourism association

Czech Ecotourism – Ecotourism activiteities in Czech Republic

Mountainous areas

Respect the Mountains – Raising awareness about sustainable environmental practices; 

TUI programme on winter sports – Sustainable tourism tips on winter sports

The Mountain Institute – Advocate for culture & nature protection in mountain areas

International Porter Protection Group – Improvement of working conditions for porters in mountain regions

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