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  Be part of our fantastic team!

Get the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable tourism future
and help us develop community-based tourism worldwide!

 Have a look at our possible vacancies below and join our team either as an intern or as a volunteer! We would love to have you on our team!

Community-based tourism ecosystems:

Did you always want to be involved in community-based tourism projects? By joining this team, you will be part of the group assisting communities in building their community-based tourism product; you will support them in the development process, cooperate with stakeholders, and do research for destinations that could potentially adopt this type of tourism model.

Community-based tourism education:

Do you enjoy developing educational material? If so, by working in this department, you will get a chance to participate in creating workshops, establish new collaborations with other organizations (universities, tour operators, and other companies) and develop presentations according to the wishes of our contacts.

Marketing and Branding:

Are you passionate about social media and digital marketing? By joining this department, you will be involved in writing content and posting on social media, editing and designing the website, and developing marketing and branding strategies.

Human resource management:

Are you a people person and have always wanted to be involved in the recruitment and hiring process? This is the perfect opportunity to do these tasks and many more by joining this department. Other duties will include coordinating employees, improving the internal organizational processes, performance management, and employee assessment.


Are you interested in market research, or do you need a thesis topic? By joining this department, you will be able to choose a research topic and write a report or even your thesis with our guidance. Moreover, together with other thesis students, you will be able to exchange ideas and gain extensive feedback.

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