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Behind the scenes

It is frequently said during travel programs on television: “What a beautiful undiscovered destination, where there is no mass tourism yet. Get here before it’s too late! ” Today we look at the behind the scenes effect

Obviously it cannot be more paradoxical. By raising awareness of special and unspoiled destinations, the visitor numbers can only grow. You just have to hope that the destination can handle these numbers of visitors and manage them properly. Unbridled growth leads to negative effects on the destination, which are difficult to solve. Think of environmental pollution, loss of special nature areas, loss of culture and disruption of local life. Who will be affected? Not the big international hotel chains, but the locals. Therefore, sustainable tourism development is essential for the destination to benefit from tourism, rather than becoming a victim of it. Tourism cuts its own flesh: tourists come for unspoilt nature and an authentic culture, but at the same time affect this nature and culture. The balance between tourism and nature and culture conservation is very fragile and easy to disrupt. 

When you go on holiday, you often end up in paradise: bounty beaches, colorful markets and friendly people. But behind the paradisiacal exterior hides a dark side: waste problems, pollution, indigenous peoples who have to make way for the construction of resorts and poor working conditions for hotel staff. Of course, initiatives are being taken to steer tourism in the right direction. Here you can look behind the scenes at different destinations. Check the site regularly for new behind-the-scenes stories. 

If you look at this page, it seems like tourism only has negative effects. Nothing is less true. Just take a look at the sub-heading “Do it sustainably”. There we show that there are a lot of initiatives where tourism contributes to nature conservation and poverty reduction. Click here if you want to do it sustainably.

Were you able to look behind the scenes during one of your travels? Have you seen with your own eyes that there are also comments to be made about tourism? Or have you experienced that destinations take measures to preserve nature and culture? Share your experiences with us via our contact page and who knows, your story may also be published here!

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