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Who doesn’t want to swim with dolphins? It is a must-do for many people. You can do it in different places, in the Caribbean, but also on the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania. Here, dozens of boats a day go in search of dolphins. You can imagine that this invasion of tourist boats disturbs the behavior and habitat of the dolphins. Dolphins stay away from the places where the tourists come. If the boats do spot dolphins, they go after them at high-speed. The consequences are incalculable. Dolphins are literally surrounded by tourist boats and can’t go anywhere. Their habitat is disturbed, they go in search of other quieter areas. Their hunting and reproductive patterns are also disturbed. Ultimately, this can lead to a decrease in the dolphin population.

Together with fishing and water pollution, tourism is the biggest threat to dolphins. The people who organize dolphin tours say they never go after the dolphins but wait for dolphins to come to the boat. There are no rules and there is no check on dolphin tours.

Here you can find the website of the Dolphin Project, which takes action against abuses about whales and dolphins.

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