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All for Nature Travel

Herman Wijffels, Frans de Waal and WWF agree that man must come back into contact with nature. All for Nature’s sustainable trips are aimed at adventurous travellers and introduce people directly to conservation projects around the world. The trips help protect critically endangered species such as the gorilla, tiger, orangutan and giant panda. And they offer the traveler a one-off and privileged insight into nature conservation.

Privileged insight

The experiences are very special. Think about tracking giant pandas in the wild. Or spending days with a research team at the Orangutan Foundation. Setting camera traps when investigating the jaguar. Lunch with Jane Goodall personally. Or help with the AfriCat Foundation’s annual health check of cheetahs and leopards.

More information about these special trips can be found here.

What does All for Nature stand for?

“All for Nature means literally everything to nature and everyone to nature!”, says founder of All for Nature, Annemiek van Gijn. “We are committed to protecting and preserving nature on this planet for future generations. This is reflected in our Sustainable Tourism and CSR policy.”

“We want to introduce our travellers to the beauty and the fragility of our nature. This inspiration should encourage not only Western consumers, but also businesses, to take responsibility. If everyone takes a small step, we can all do a lot for the future of our planet.” In addition, Annemiek van Gijn considers it very important that All for Nature generates honest sources of income for local communities on the local destinations, as an alternative to poaching, logging and overfishing.

Unique in the Benelux

As the only provider in the Benelux, All for Nature guarantees that all its trips really contribute to a better world and that an exclusive insight into nature conservation is provided:

– Nature conservation projects are central to every trip.

– Each trip includes a specific donation for a conservation project.

– Sustainable tourism is the basis of the trip.

– The burden on the environment is minimised and the CO2 emissions of each trip are compensated.

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