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‘Quetzaltrekkers’ is a small travel company in Quetzaltenango (Xela), a medium-sized city in western Guatemala. The organization offers multi-day treks in the highlands, where you get to know the nature and culture of Guatemala. Tours range from the ascent of a volcano to a six-day trek through the remote mountains of the Cuchumatanes.

The character of the tours is sustainable: the villages that receive groups of tourists are supported in various ways. The tourists pay for their accommodation in the villages, of course, but there are also projects aimed at cleaning the area and building water pipes. In advance, tourists are informed of the expectations regarding their behaviour during the trip: show respect for the people you meet, ask permission before taking photos and take your waste with you instead of leaving it lying around.

Quetzaltrekkers is a charitable organization, founded to create funds for Edelac (Escuela de la Calle – school of the street), a school for underprivileged children and street children in a poor district in Quetzaltenango. All proceeds from the tour company will go to Edelac, after deducting the costs for the treks. In addition to the school, Edelac offers a dormitory for street children and a medical clinic. All Quetzaltrekkers employees are volunteers, who work as a guide for three months or more. Although the competition in the field of treks is great, the non-profit character of Quetzaltrekkers often gives the decisive factor for tourists to book with them.

Are you going to Guatemala soon and want to know more about this organization? Check out the website of Quetzaltrekkers for more information about the treks, the organization and the Edelac school. On this page you can also read how to support the tour company with materials for the tours, donations, or as a volunteer.

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