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Fair Tourism works enthusiastically on sustainable tourism, where nature is protected and the local people are actively involved. This is the only way we can keep the world beautiful for us & many generations to come.

Our twofold goal is the following: Firstly, we want to make consumers and other stakeholders passionate about sustainable tourism, so we can create awareness of the importance of nature protection and involvement of local communities in tourism development. For example by organizing workshops or guest lectures, exchange programs and developing educational materials. Secondly, we assist local communities in destinations with the development of small-scale tourism activities that contribute towards poverty alleviation and nature conservation. We work together with different stakeholders, like governments, tour operators, NGOs and local communities, to achieve this goal.

Fair Tourism started as a REISbeWIJS in 1989 to create a better awareness of ethically and environmentally friendly behavior by travelers. In the early days, they organized country days, developed educational materials (like study books & workshops or guest lectures) and set up an information center, making it the only communication organization in The Netherlands specialized in sustainable tourism. In 2004 the former board decided to stop with the foundation. Charlotte Louwman-Vogels, who was already active as a volunteer for the foundation since 2000, decided to continue with a new board. Since 2004 she is director of Fair Tourism and responsible for daily management, supported by the team and board.Furthermore, students and volunteers regularly assist with the activities run by Fair Tourism. We are happy to hear from you!


Hi, I am Sina-Aline from Germany! I love Salsa dancing and reading historical books about different countries while holding a cup of coffee in my hand. Besides this, I love responsible traveling and diving into different cultures and languages. For this reason, I also studied one year in Malang, Indonesia and traveled to several countries in Asia. I am always up for a hike and cannot wait to see the sunset. At Fair Tourism, I am responsible for raising awareness of the Kayan hill tribe in the Mae Hong Son region. Additionally, I am writing Grant proposals for facilitating Community-Based Tourism.

Hi! I am Nutthaya, a recent Masters degree in Tourism and Environment with architectural and design background from Thailand. I aim to develop a positive contribution to the tourism industry, with a special interest in destination management and community-based tourism. For that reason, I am currently volunteering for Fair Tourism as a Community Development Specialist.

Ahoy, I am Mahendra !!! An Internship at Fair Tourism Foundation has been an astounding learning savoir-faire starting from the basic aspects. I chose to be an Intern at Fair Tourism Foundation for the sole purpose of giving back to the planet and live as sustainably as possible. I landed in Cologne for my Master studies from a considerable medieval city called Pune, the cultural capital of India. Originating from a rich cultural background, I felt moments of bitter cheerfulness reading about Kayan hill tribe. With my academics in International Tourism and Event Management, an internship at Fair Tourism Foundation is the most pragmatic approach I could have exclusively picked. It is entirely enriching to work with a multi-cultural Tourism team. Moreover, I have a tremendous affinity towards Ecological Sustainability and Ethical Wildlife Tourism.

Hi! I am Haruna from Japan, a master student in Cultural Geography and Tourism. I love ballroom dancing and traveling around to immerse myself in different cultures, beautiful landscapes and enjoy local cuisines! Through my travel experience to over 30 countries, I became aware of how powerful tourism industry is to change the destinations as well as tourists ourselves. At Fair tourism, I am currently conducting my Master thesis research about how CBT is experienced by both hosts and guests in Kayan villages.

Hi! My name is Melanie and I am happy to say that I will write my bachelor thesis at Fair Tourism starting November 2020! I love to swim and hike in nature. Moreover, I have always been interested in different cultures, languages and sustainable tourism. When I had to choose a company for my internship, I wanted it to be a company that actively helps preserve nature and cares about local communities. That’s why I chose Fair Tourism. I will conduct research in cooperation with Fair Tourism to see how we can make more people aware and enthusiastic about community-based tourism.

Call me Nisa, a master student of Tourism, Society and Environment at Wageningen University. I’m from Indonesia. My interest in tourism has been growing since I took a job as tour guide during my bachelor. Currently, I am currently finishing my thesis about tourism and local culture, which makes me even more interested in sustainable tourism. It is also a reason why I am an intern at Fair Tourism, where I am developing a revenue model and assisting CBT development in Huay Sua Thao.

Hello! I’m Saranyu from Thailand, a Masters degree student at Wageningen University in Tourism, Society and Environment with a specialisation  in Political science and Marketing. I have a strong ambition to alleviate poverty and marginalisation in our society.  I believe that efficient principles and approaches of sustainable tourism and CBT will contribute positive outcomes to our society at large. Therefore, I decided to do an internship at Fair Tourism Foundation due to there is an ongoing project in Thailand about the marginalised ethnic communities of Kayan hill tribe. This project interested me to look back at my country and start to pursue my personal goals.

Hey everyone! I am Celina from Germany and currently studying Tourism Management in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. I am an outside-person, in love with travelling and doing sports like running and snowboarding. Meeting new people and learning about their backgrounds, as well as exploring the beauty of nature are two aspects within those passions, I really value which is why it is important to me to do so in a sustainable way. By doing my internship at the Fair Tourism Foundation, I hope to be able to do my part and support spreading this desire and the practice of community-based tourism, inspiring others and letting them realize their influence on the destinations and people they visit.

We are three enthusiastic and motivated students from Leiden University College, which offers an international, interdisciplinary program aiming at educating its students in tackling the main Global Challenges. In our course “Development Project Management”, we are working with Fair Tourism to help attract more tourists to the wonderful village of Huay Pu Keng.

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