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Visiting shrines when going on a holiday is a nice and unique way to experience the culture of a particular country. If you have visited a shrine before, you will probably already know that there are specific rules and regulations tourists should comply to. These rules and regulations differ per destination and sometimes even per shrine. By reading the tips and tricks on this page, you can learn about what to keep in mind when visiting a shrine. 

  • Keep into account the dress code at the destination. The dress code usually states that shirts must cover your shoulders and dresses/shirts should be over the knee. At some shrines it is also obliged to take off your shoes. Check beforehand if the shrine you are visiting has any other specific rules. 
  • Be careful with taking pictures. Some shrines have signs that state you are not allowed to take pictures. 
  • Try to book a tour with a local guide. Local guides can give you a lot of interesting information which you wouldn’t have found out about without a guide. In doing so, you will also support the local economy as well! 
  • It is sometimes also possible to pray at a shrine. Learn about how to do it beforehand in order to behave respectfully.

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