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Transportation and Residence


For short and medium distances you can easily take the train or bus instead of the car or plane. It is a comfortable and relatively fast mode of transport. The plane and the car are the most polluting means of transport: they emit a lot of CO2 and therefore contribute to the greenhouse effect (global warming). Therefore, go for the short and medium distances by bus or train. If you go far away, and you have to take a plane, remember that you can fly climate neutral with Trees for Travel or Greanseat.

People are often in traffic jams when they have some days off. Keep in mind that you do not have any traffic jams by train. You can also avoid traffic jams if you are not going on holiday during the high season or on days off.


If possible, opt for locally run accommodation. These accommodations are often smaller in scale, less touristy, use local products and materials and exude the local atmosphere. You also come into contact with the local population much more. Isn’t that much more fun than sitting 5-high in an impersonal all-inclusive hotel, where you’re just eating and hanging out all day long? You can do that in the Netherlands as well! Click here for a list of locally run, sustainable accommodations.

Additionally, if you are not in the room, turn off the light, air conditioning, heating, etc. Many countries are facing water scarcity. A lot of tourists consume more water during a holiday compared to at home. Adjust your water consumption accordingly. Rather take a shower instead of a bath. More and more hotels offer their guests the opportunity to use your towel and bed linen for several days. Participate in this and save many liters of water and soap! Because when you’re at home you don’t use a new towel every day, do you? 

Just like at home, try to pay attention to where you leave your waste. Throw your rubbish away in bins and if that is not possible, hold on to it until you do find a bin. 

Spend the night at homestays: this way you really come into contact with the local population, you learn how they live and you go home with unique experiences and special memories that will last a lifetime.

If you have to travel long distances during your trip, it can help to take a domestic flight. But remember that it is much more fun to take the train or bus, because then you see a lot more of the country and you come into contact with the accompanying population. Who wants to miss those special landscapes and encounters? Take your time and use public transport. Taking public transport in a lot of countries is cheaper as well!

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